What is the Haifa Trail?
Haifa is one of the most diverse cities – physically and culturally – in the world. The steep slopes of Mount Carmel descend to charming Mediterranean shores, and wild nature exists alongside magnificent architecture. This serves as a backdrop to a great mixture of religions, cultures and peoples who have been flourishing here for hundreds of years of co-existence.
Now, for the first time, Haifa is being linked into one circular 70-kilometer urban trek that zigzags along its streets, alleys, forests and shores. The trail, consisting of 21 individual sections, enables walkers and runners to experience Haifa's various landscapes and attractions, while visiting museums, cultural and religious sights, and experiencing the city’s unique urban wildlife. Walking along the trail and spending the night at local family-owned facilities adds value to the experience.

Ready to trek?
The starting/ending point is just outside Haifa's Central Train Station and the entrance to the naval port. Online map of the trail sections is available to the right, and trail section information can be found here.
Printed map of the trail is available at Haifa Tourist Board, 48 Ben-Gurion Ave. Tel. 04-8535606.

"Stairway to Haifa: Cutting a slice out of the city's urban layer cake"
Moshe Gilad, "Ha'aretz" newspaper travel writer, writes about the Haifa Trail experience.

First to complete Haifa Trail !
Thomas Fietz from Germany is the first to complete the whole trail, the first foreign tourist on the trail, and the first trail runner! Watch photos from his two days run and get inspired by his run video:

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Haifa Trail online map

Open Haifa Trail Map on a seprate window

Haifa Trail printed map is now available
Map contais the exact path of the trail and its 21 sections and paractical information. It is available at Haifa Tourist Board, 48 Ben-Gurion Ave. Tel. 04-8535606.